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Sativa vs Indica vs Hybrid?

Two types of cannabis exist, sativa & indica, which may be used for either recreational or medical purposes. Sativa (stimulant) has an uplifting, energizing effect, while indica (in the couch) has a calming, relaxing effect and may help you sleep. Hybrids combine traits form both Indica & sativa strains. With an abundance of cannabis to choose from, its common to have questions about which strain is right for you. Due to widespread cross breeding, very few pure sativa or indica strains exist. Today, most flower will be either an indica or sativa dominant hybrid, or hybrids containing relatively balanced traits of both. Solely relying on these classifications can be an oversimplification, as the effects of a particular strain depend on a myriad of factors, from its specific chemical composition to a person’s unique body chemistry.


To truly anticipate the pros and cons of any strain, we recommend exploring its unique profile and perhaps even your own experiences with similar strains. Remember, cannabis affects everyone differently, and its impact is as individual as a fingerprint.

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