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Questions to ask your Doctor

If you are considering the use of cannabinoids for medicinal purposes, consider talking to your medical provider to determine if these solutions are right for you. Please be mindful that some doctors have more of an interest in advising on the use of medical cannabis than others. As you begin this journey, begin by researching the ways cannabinoids may be able to help you, and then bring those resources you find valuable to your physician, including information about the legality of cannabis in your state.  When asking questions, stay focused on medical applications. Questions about different types of strains or methods of dosing are better answered at your local dispensary. 

  • I'm thinking about trying cannabis for medical use. What are your thoughts?

  • How can the use of cannabis improve the specific condition causing you pain or discomfort?

  • Are there potential dangerous drug interactions between cannabis and the medications you are taking?

  • Potential medication changes required after cannabis consumption begins?

  • What symptom changes or relief can you expect once cannabis consumption begins?

  • How can cannabis consumption affect other areas of your life?

  • What are the side effects and risks of cannabis use?

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