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About Us


E-Cigs Plus pioneered the vaping revolution in Kansas.  As Wichita’s first electronic cigarette provider, we began the fine art of making gourmet e-liquids in 2011.  Not long after, E-Cigs Plus founded a brick and mortar home in south-central Wichita and has been serving the community proudly ever since. 


E-Cigs Plus specializes in delivering superior customer service, over 200 gourmet flavors, & reliable hardware.  Our mission is to help tobacco users make a successful transition from smoking to vaping.


As a teaching facility, we understand that learning how to use and maintain your e-cig is not “rocket science” but for many, the device utilizes a new form of technology many have never experienced. Our staff is dedicated to working closely with you to understand your unique needs, preferences, or problems you may encounter while providing quality education and tailored solutions.  After your initial visit, we will continue to work with you to customize your vaping experience and provide “hands-on” technical support.


Regardless of your lifestyle or vaping expectations, there is an electronic cigarette just right for you. If you already have a device, please bring it to us and let’s see if we can get you back up and running! If you are looking for something new, lightweight, and easy to use, we have it! If you are looking for a system with "bells & whistles," we have that too! Or, if you’re like Goldilocks and want one that’s customizable but not too complicated, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered!

Tamell Jason-Heitman
VP Consultant

Back in early 2009 I picked up my first electronic cigarette, however it wasn't until 2011 that I became completely smoke free.  Eight years later, I  feel better and can breath much easier. My wish is for cigarette smokers everywhere to have an opportunity to gain their own personal freedom from tobacco.

Canine Companion

My name is Nala. I am an Old English Mastiff who loves coming to work with mom.  I a have a brindle coat, which has a base fawn color with black striping.  I'm good-natured, easy going, and love scooby snacks.  Although I'm a gentle giant, I am also very shy around new people and may not always come out to say hello. 

Laura Layland

I’ll be the first to say... quitting smoking is hard. I was a two-pack-a-day smoker who had managed to quit the habit four times.  After some time, I would eventually return to smoking to help cope with stressful life events. I lost my mother in 2006 to COPD and lung cancer.  I feared my future would look just as bleak.  In 2011, vaping changed the course of my life.  Aside from one small slip up, it has been eight years since my last cigarette, and I feel great!  I had never once imagined a world where I wouldn’t crave tobacco.  I wish I had been able to introduce vaping to my mom. In her memory, my mission is to help create a world where adult smokers can readily find effective tools and the support needed to achieve a healthier, smoke-free life.

bryce copy.jpg
Bryce Salas

Hi. my name is Bryce. I've been vaping since 2016. Dip was destroying the lining of my mouth.  Vaping was confusing and hard so i quit a lot. I want to help people live a tobacco free, more fulfilling life style. by providing education and support.


The owner really takes the time to work with you, & show you how everything works. This is the first place I've been to for CBD oil, & it's the only place I'll go to! I love it!

Laura and Bryce were amazing! My friend needed a new mod and tank and they spent over an hour explaining everything from juices to tanks, coils, settings, and specific mods. I’ve been vaping for years and never met more knowledgeable people about their products. Best experience I’ve had in a vape store

One of the first if not the first vape shops in town. I've been going here for years. Great staff low prices

Prices are great, but the service is even better! And the 2 liquid flavors i use taste better than anywhere else I've tried! 5 stars all around! I tried sweet tart and lime tahiti which are my favorites. You have the best sweet tart in town. And lime is my favorite! Thanks again! I'll bee back in very soon!

Loved how friendly they were and how willing they were to satisfy all my needs. Full of accessories! Girls dream come true if you vape!

Excellent!!! They go the extra mile to accommodate customers!!!

 I love E-Cigs Plus everyone helps me and they are very polite and helpful I just want to say thank you very much I used to have COPD now I'm breathing a lot better and it's all to my e-cigarette and thanks for having all natural product.

Incredible customer service.. friendly, knowledgable, sales people. Wonderful products to help anyone wanting to stop smoking..

They always have time for YOU! Never too busy. And, they sell you what fits your needs, not what fills the cash register!

The staff at this establishment go above and beyond in making you feel welcomed and they treat you like a priority. They seem extremely passionate about getting people away from tobacco products, and they are doing an excellent job. Every time I enter I am greeted with a smile and compassion, my specific taste is important to them, and they have helped me build several flavors that I can't seem to get enough of. I have been both relieved, and excited, to find an ecig shop that is more than just a business, it is a passion beyond the hobby aspect, unlike the vibe I get from other places around town. I would highly suggest their flavors, expert advice, and occasionally when time permits, genuinely .unique and intelligent conversation. If I could give this place more stars I would

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