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Cannabis Dosing?

Smoking or Vaping

The inhalation of cannabis by smoking dried flowers in a paper, pipe, or electronic vaporizer. This is the fastest method for getting cannabis into your system.


Oral tinctures taken under the tongue provide fast relief but do will not last as long as other methods of oral ingestion. Oral tinctures can be used more frequently. 


Certain parts of the body have limited blood circulation or none at all. When inflamed, these parts of the body receive no benefit from oral ingestion, smoking, or vaping. Topical applications allow cannabinoids to absorb through the skin to reach areas such as the outermost layer of skin, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments, 

Edibles & Oils

Ingesting oils in food or beverages takes longer to activate within the body but provides the longest-lasting effects.  Dosing should be monitored closely to ensure consumption is well within the appropriate range of your tolerance.


Dabbing describes the process of heating concentrated cannabis while inhaling the vaporized oil.


Your experience with cannabis will more than likely be different from other users. This difference is due to factors such as body weight, unique body chemistry, tolerance, variations in products, the sensation you're looking to experience, and method of consumption.


Because of these differences, we recommend starting with a low dose and gradually increasing the potency as desired. The "start low & go slow" recommendation enables you to enjoy your experience and ultimately allows for a safe and effective session.


This guide will help to demystify the world of cannabis consumption for both new and experienced users. 

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